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Ball Tube is a classic hyper casual game, where you need to control the ball with your finger and avoid obstacles to reach the highest score.

The controls are basic, you need to touch the screen to take control of the ball, and sliding the finger will move the ball on the screen. The ball is running in the tunnel, and all we need to do is save the ball from the moving obstacles and collect as many balls possible.

Game Available on Following Platforms:

Google Play Store

App Store

Features of game includes: - Simple touch based gameplay. - Infinite runner feel. - Slide to control the ball. - Ads to support the development team. (one ad after every 3 game play) - Pass your time with ease of mind. - Low-end simple graphics so no stress on eyes.

The game is intended to provide fun game play with minimal efforts in playing. Unlike some big titles, all you need to do is move your fingers and ensure to avoid obstacles.

The score is calculated based on the obstacles you pass and the balls you collect. So you can challenge yourself in every game to beat your high score. Game also provide three scenes and three different type of balls to give your game a fresh look. All the items can be purchased by simple score and in game balls collected. There is no payment involved in the purchases.

Game is easy to play for everyone and the benefit of playing this game is that the concentration of anyone is greatly increased.

So we hope that you will enjoy the game and will share it with your friends and family members. Please drop review on the game so that we can know what more we can do to make the game better.

You can drop your high score screenshots on our official Facebook page, and we will honor you with rewards.

So let’s have some fun time!


Ball Tube_2.2_apkcombo.com.apk 29 MB
Ball Tube_2.2_apkcombo.com (1).apk 29 MB

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